About Guzman & Company

Guzman & Company delivers new ways of thinking and performing.

We are Guzman & Company, one of the first Hispanic founded, owned and managed investment bank and brokerage firms in the U.S. Our track record of delivering new ways of thinking and delivering for our clients – ahead of what’s requested, expected or mandated – is what makes us unique.

Leveraging our experience, trusted execution platform and market expertise, Guzman delivers a broad range of financial services to our clients. Our experienced support team of subject-matter experts are always accessible and dedicated to your needs.

Guzman & Company was the first Hispanic member firm of the New York Stock Exchange in 1992. We engaged at the formation stage of stock buy backs, bringing clients unique value.

Guzman & Company was among a select few firms providing comments to the SEC on share repurchase guidelines, and we were among the first banks to form an in-house equity trading platform three decades ago. Our trading desk consistently ranks in the top 10 among all global brokers.

We’ve invested in energy transition for the past decade as a new way of thinking about good for planet, people and business.

We’ve committed to social impact through education because it’s how our leadership team has performed so well in business.

We continually exceed what is required for good governance, as that benefits the entire investing world.

We’re Guzman & Company. We excel at delivering new ways of thinking and performing for our clients, employees and community. And that has made us the trusted partner to America’s largest corporations for decades.

Questions about our services? Call our experienced support team at 305-374-3600.

Guzman & Company is a boutique investment bank and institutional brokerage firm that provides capital market solutions to targeted corporate, governmental and institutional clients across the globe.