Corporate Responsibility

We believe in environmental and social commitments that are good for the planet, people and stakeholders.

Photo: Guzman customer KCEC solar farm near Taos, NM


At Guzman & Company, we have a strong understanding of environmental science. We analyzed the SEC’s climate change guidelines and requirements and regularly provide important analytics, insights and guidance to our clients.

We have also partnered with our sister company, Guzman Energy, to identify decarbonization opportunities that reduce greenhouse gases and help build a  more cost-effective and resilient energy supply. Guzman Energy’s focus is an energy transition platform with an emphasis in rural America and communities that have not been as engaged in the energy transition. Inc. Magazine recently recognized Guzman Energy as one of 17 organizations that embody the 17 UN Sustainability Goals.

Guzman Energy pioneered the concept of “coal swaps” that is extricating customers (cooperatives, municipalities & tribes) from decades-old power agreements that require them to purchase their electricity from expensive coal-burning sources that emit significant greenhouse gases. The company’s innovative solution of bringing coal swaps to rural America is having a positive impact on the environment by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and a positive economic impact on rural communities who have been left behind in matters of energy and economic transition. You can learn more about Guzman Energy, a Fast Company Most Innovative Company 2022, at

Social/Community Impact

We are committed to fueling education as a mobilizer for social change. Education has played a powerful role in our founder’s personal story as well as those of our team members. As such, we continue to invest in education with actions including:

We have committed to contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #4, Quality Education, and Goal #7, Affordable and Clean Energy.

We also invest 10% of our company profits back into the community.


Guzman & Company actively participates in informing public policy and regulatory as part of good governance.

We’ve outperformed our peers in participating in emerging policy & regulatory gaps:

  • We took leadership in terms of providing comments to the SEC on share repurchase guidelines required in compliance
  • We’ve continually upheld proactive governance and compliance since our founding three decades ago
  • We were chosen by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to assist with the newly formed Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF)

Diversity & Inclusion

Guzman & Company is steadfast in its belief that diverse backgrounds yield profound innovation. 70% of our executive officers represent minorities (Hispanic, women, veterans and other minorities). Additionally, 66% of all employees are minorities and 89% of banking and banking operations are minorities.

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