Our Guzman Heritage

Leo Guzman is a living example of the American dream.

Leo grew up in a small town in Cuba before he immigrated to the United States alone at the age of 15 following the Cuban revolution.

He attended the Don Bosco school in Ramsey, New Jersey, where he learned English and excelled in academics. On weekends, he would travel to New York City to explore. On one of these trips, he stumbled onto the campus of Columbia University, a decision that would positively alter the direction of his life. Leo did in fact apply to Columbia, was admitted and graduated in 1969 from the Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science. He then went on to graduate from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Leo credits his education as the factor that would serve him for the rest of his life and mobilize his professional path.

Leo has been a highly successful and innovative entrepreneur. Much of his interest and successes in business has centered on bringing efficiency to inefficient markets. In 1987 he founded Guzman & Company, an investment bank and institutional equity trading platform that has served its blue-chip clients for more than 35 years. This platform pioneered program trading and many of the trends that would become commonplace in equity markets in the following decades. He also developed strategies for highly innovative index analysis. Building on his success with Guzman & Company, in 2013 Leo founded Guzman Energy. Guzman Energy is an energy transition platform with an emphasis in rural America and communities that have not been as forward in the energy transition.

You can read more about Leo in this profile published by The Stanford Graduate School of Business in August of 2022.

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